Families, Families, Families

So, last year we assisted 100 families. That is all that we could help, because that was all of the families that applied. So we set a precedent to help all of the families that apply. Ahhhh! This year we took applications through the entire month of October, and we had over 240 applicants. More than double the number from last year. So we are on a mission to meet the same goal of matching all of the families. Can we do it? With God on our side, I believe we can! He is in control. So, pray that the Lord bless us as we strive to meet our mission this year.


What a Wild Week!

Wow! This has been a wild week. We have been matching needy families to all of the generous people that are sponsoring someone! I am really excited to get the information out to each family. The stores are all filled with Christmas decorations and it just seems as though the Christmas spirit is present everywhere. What happy times! How lucky we are! God loves us, everyone, and we are so fortunate to be able to help someone in need and hopefully in the process, let them know God and his great works through our actions! We are just so lucky! There is really so much work to be done, but I just had to share the joy that has come over me this week. It truly lets me know of God's presence throughout the entire mission, and I feel a sense of calm.

So with that said, enjoy your week.

I think that today really hit us all at Homwtown Mission. We had several families come in for assistance that were just so in need. I think more in need of prayer than anything. We are all so fortunate to have the things that we have. I think that the little things are so taken for granted and just over looked. I ask you today to please pray for all of our families as they struggle to find peace in their lives. We don't know all that they are going through and we cannot fix their problems, but we can ask the amazing God that we serve to bless them and pour his grace over each one of them. And I think in this whole process, to have them know how much He loves them would be better than any gift.

Thank you God for loving us and providing for us each and everyday!

In Him,

These marvelous kids finshed their work at Hometown Mission Headquarters! They did the most fantastic job. The windows look great and everyone that comes in to see us coments on the job! It makes people happy! Thank you to Mark COllins who is the art teacher at Robinson High School and to his class! Job Well Done!!!

So who doesn't love a Christmas Tree? They just make the day happy! There is something magical about twinkling lights. Don't you agree?
So this bottle, (and several others) became a very close friend of ours as we cleaned the back part of the old school. Wow a lot of dirt was found and a very pleasant smell after the Fabuloso was used! Amazing what it can do!
Well this weekend has brought in many mailed applications. This is a good thing! We have now surpassed the number of families that we had apply last year. For us that is major! We wanted to help more than we did last year...and it looks like we have met that goal. How awesome! Now hopefully we will be able to get the same number of families to step in and help us by adopting a family and providing their needs! If you have not already signed up to help a family, pray about it and hopefully you will be lead to help someone in our community. We want you to join with us and make this year even better than last! Can we do it???

Blessing to you all this coming week,
So here are a couple photos of the Robinson Art Students showing their awesome ability! Way to go class! Hopefully they are having as much fun painting as we are watching! WE can't wait to see the finished product!

My new career!

So this week Jerry Ann and I have spent everyday cleaning out the back part of the old school. We are trying to start early and prepare each room for the different areas that we need. I think that I may have a career as a janitor! Yes lots and lots of sweeping and moping! WOW I have never seen so much dirt! For those of you that attended school here I think you would be proud at what we have accomplished! Our backs feel like those of 90 year old ladies but all for a great cause! I'll update with photos! Have a super evening!

Today was so great! The Art class at Robinson High School started painting on the windows. Hey Robinson...we have some amazingly talented kids in our school! They are doing such a great job! I will get some photos posted so you can enjoy! Drive by and take a look. They are so awesom!
Well, I am so very delighted to finally have the "Hometown Mission" blog up and running! It has taken me a little longer than I would have liked, but it is here!
Friends, this has been an absolutley amazing few weeks. We have taken applications for over 80 family as of today. I know, a little overwhelming, but what a true blessing to be able to meet each family and be a part of helping them.
I am devoting myself to this blog so that I can keep each one of you posted on how we are doing! If you have not signed up to help in some way I pray that you find it in your heart to help us make this holiday special for each family that we get.
God is going to do great things through A Hometown Mission this year...I can feel it!
If you are interested in applying for assistance, adopting a family, or donating to AHTM, please follow the link provided.
A Hometown Mission Calendar of Events
1st - 29Th... accepting applications for assistance
1st - 30Th... Accepting applications for adopting a family
*We will be matching families with a sponsoring family throughout the month of November*
1st... Start accepting gifts for families
7Th - 18Th... Volunteers for wrapping gifts; 9am - 2pm & 6:30pm - 9:00pm
***19Th... A Hometown Mission Gift Delivery Day***
If you are receiving donations, please make sure someone is home on this day

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A Hometown Mission would like to thank all the sponsors who have helped make our mission possible. If it were not for your gracious gifts and support we would not be able to accomplish our goal and help the families that need us all year.

* Johnson's Roofing

* Gerald Cox, DDS

* Anderson Glass

* John and Karol Knue

* Jo Witt

* Fred Echterling

*Johnni Curtis

*Southwest Maintenance



*Meadowbrook Baptist Church

*First National Bank of Central Texas

*Methodist Children's Home

*Mr. & Mrs. Smith

*Ricky Thompson

A Hometown Mission, Inc.: Helping Families in Need is a charitable organization that was formed in 2008. We began as A Hometown Christmas, but due to expansion and the need to assist families throughout the year we made the decision to change the name and scope of the organization. However, we don’t want to forget where we started and the heart of our organization.

For many, the Christmas season is an exciting time filled with traditions and memories accumulated over the years. These may include family get-togethers, a candlelight worship service or the sparkle in a child's eye at the first sight of the decorated Christmas tree. It may be the excitement of wrapping presents, putting them in that "secret place" or writing a letter to Santa.

Sadly, many people in our own hometown do not get to experience Christmas the way we do. For them, loss of jobs, income and other family struggles bring a very different Christmas experience.

A Hometown Mission, Inc. began as a way to share these traditions and sentimental memories to family’s right here in our own community; perhaps even someone right across the street…in our own hometown. As we sat around our own dinner table we contemplated how to share what we have with those around us. The idea of A Hometown Mission, Inc. was formed.

In our first year we supplied Christmas gifts, food baskets, clothing, blankets, heaters and Bibles to over 100 families and 250 children in the McLennan county area.

With the help of several churches, Sunday school classes, life groups and many individual contributors we were able to share the joy of the holiday season to our hometown.

We are simply asking you to consider being a part of A Hometown Mission, Inc. 2009. If you or someone you know might want to adopt a family or participate in gift wrapping or distribution of gifts, please contact us. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated and will further the cause of spreading joy to others this holiday season.

To God Be the Glory for Whom All Things Are Possible!